Type Personality

  • Someone who looks to inspire others around them to be better.
  • Someone who sees getting by as a waste of human potential.
  • Someone who keeps a promise.
  • Someone who has self-discipline even when no one is watching.
  • Someone who has passion for life and all the opportunities it provides.
  • Someone who sees the value in being a part of a great team.
  • Someone who is not afraid to clean the toilets.
  • Someone who can freely give to another in a time of need.
  • Someone who gets right back up when they get knocked down.
  • Someone who stands up for what is right even when it's not popular.
  • Someone who can admit they messed up and move forward.
  • Someone who can forgive and move forward.
  • Someone who does not need to be managed or controlled.
  • Someone who sees that having a sense of purpose is valuable.
  • Someone who is committed to pursuing excellence.
  • Someone who understands the bar will always be moving.
  • Someone who understands that being comfortable is not the objective of this organization but to constantly stimulate change and improvement.
  • Someone who sees the value in making decisions based on facts and sound judgment.
  • Someone who seeks to understand the world we live in and the purpose we have in it.

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